What Business Problem did Pendo solve?

During their lifetime, all loans will experience many different life-cycle events that make it challenging to accurately trace the loan lineage from origination documents to the current system of record. Events like, multiple system changes, or document modifications conspire to make the lineage of most loans difficult and time consuming to determine.

What Business Impact Did the Pendo Platform Make?

By enabling our customer to trace the full lineage of each loan we were able to avoid the possibility of granting multiple loans to a single customer – an activity that would have created a highly inaccurate customer profile where it to be repeated across multiple customers.

Key Platform Functionality

Using a set of Pendo’s matching algorithms and our natural language processor, the Pendo Platform quickly and accurately identified links between loans based upon non-key identifiers to establish the full lineage of all loans to a 95% confidence level.

Customer Value Proposition

Our customer was able to reassign the associates who were manually checking loan documents for links, with an accurate, repeatable, and much faster process for identifying loan linkage.