What Business Problem did we solve?

All large banks must submit to the CCAR stress test.  A significant part of that test requires that they create a more accurate risk model of their mortgage portfolios.  This can be a significant challenge if data they require to build their risk model is no longer in an accessible database.


What Was the Business Impact?

 Potentially significant regulatory sanctions and fines.


Key Platform Functionality

For one of our bank customers, the Pendo Platform was able to parse transaction and position data from the unstructured data contained in 23MM investor statements that resulted in the creation of structured data set of over 1BN data points


Customer Value Proposition

 The Pendo Platform delivered a comprehensive data set which allowed our customer’s risk team to build a state-of-the-art risk model from the investor/borrower data the platform was able to provide access to. Timeline for project completion reduced from 4 years to 7 weeks to complete with a saving of $4.2MM.


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