Over the past several years, financial institutions have utilized BPM/RPA and vendor-provided solutions to improve workflow, standardize processes and provide operational lift.  While these platforms provide robust benefits when applied to disparate systems and databases, they do not yet exploit the value trapped in unstructured data. As such, true straight-through processing remains an elusive goal as high-cost manual work remains outside the reach of BPM/RPA and vendor-based point solutions (e.g. Pegasystems, Appian Systems, IBM BlueWorks, Blue Prism, UI Path, Moody’s RiskAnalyst, Black Knight, LoanIQ, etc.)


  • Automatically attributed individual documents and separated co-mingled documents (i.e. PDF data blobs) into their component parts
  • Identified and mapped documents outside of BPM/RPA’s to bring structure to a mass of Non-Machine Readable (NMR) content
  • Highlighted potential changes in key data from the original source documents versus the SOR and created accurate and timely reporting data sets to yield a more robust view
  • Transformed critical business processes by integrating Pendo’s structured output with third-party workflow and RPA/bots systems

Value Created:

Utilized all elements of the Pendo Ecosystem to achieve true straight-through processing to:

  • Extend the useful life of legacy systems and enhances the value proposition for mature BPM/RPA platforms
  • Transform operational processes to eliminate non-value added manual work and the “last mile” of paper
  • Create auditable and monetizable data lineage and transparency for all digitized business documents
  • Enable monetizing of the insights and analytics trapped in unstructured documents and to surface meaningful marketing / BD opportunities.