Organizations affected by CECL face several substantive compliance challenges including risk modeling, data/IT business process accounting, disclosures/reporting and internal audit/control

CECL’s shift to a forward-looking view and the flexibility of risk segmentation will require alternative data sources, much of which only exist in unstructured documents


Develop structured data and auditable lineage from “Source to Report” to support CECL model development and production solutions, such as:

  • Ensure data quality enables segmentation by identifying risk characteristics trapped in unstructured documents
  • Access charge-off and recovery data that may be housed in Excel spreadsheets or Word / PDF documents

Value Created

Pendo indexes and extracts data from millions of documents, creating a sustainable, no-touch, repeatable process for populating risk models. Pendo enables clients to validate from “Source to Report” and create several thousand new data points from unstructured documents to facilitate better risk modeling, capital planning and now, a smooth transition to CECL