Some of the challenges that financial institutions traditionally face with Corporate Actions / Investment Management activities are:

  • Announcement data is not standardized and structured, resulting in substantive manual work
  • Incorrect or delayed processing causes operational problems and possible financial exposure
  • Most importantly, SRD II, effective September 2020, represents the biggest shift in European corporate governance standards and processes in many years, as it requires same-day events notification to clients and heightened disclosure requirements


Pendo Systems can transform the Corporate Action /   Investment Management processes by:

  • Ingesting and indexing unstructured documents
  • Assisting in data scrubbing, cleansing, and validations
  • Automating manual notifications and reconciliations with external parties
  • Creating Golden Copy records and events
  • Enabling automated process capabilities to meet SRD II requirements including real-time calculation of entitlements, which includes same-day trades and securities lending activity


The implementation of Pendo Systems Technology Ecosystem to digitize Golden Source Corporate Action / Investment Management documents can have a major impact across the front office in trade execution, the middle office in risk management and compliance, and the back office in corporate actions processing and reconciliation by automating human activities.   As a result, Pendo substantively reduces costs, increasing efficiency and strengthening risk/compliance and regulatory reporting process capabilities.  As there are millions of Corporate Actions per year that require a significant amount of manual work, the automation of these complex activities streamlines the process and improves customer experience.  More broadly, this same automation approach can be cascaded across other Investment Management processes.