Financial institutions are required to maintain source documents utilized to make credit decisions and ensure that information lifted from these documents for regulatory reporting is performed in a consistent and accurate manner.  Even the process of locating the pertinent documents is a manual and time-consuming task.  Collectively, the regulatory reporting and related data validation processes are largely manual, prone to error, costly to operate.


Pendo was utilized to accelerate the reconciliation and document location processes.

  1. Indexed and created metadata for key credit decision documents yielding  immediate search capability
  2. Mapped and classified documents to locate key terms
  3. Enhanced the client’s document search capability and created instantly exportable structured data sets

Value Created:

Pendo developed a sustainable and accurate solution that provided auditable lineage for regulatory reporting data and expedited the search capability across the corpus of documents/facilities yielding a resulting in a more efficient, accurate, and more cost-effective solution.