The creation of syndicated loan is an arduous process.  The finalized deal often exists in document form only (Word, PDF, etc).  Once executed, key details, including assignment and interest rate terms, must be set up in a servicing platform such as LoanIQ at both the agent and participating banks for the seamless operational execution and optimization of profits.  Unfortunately, this highly-manual process is error-prone and costly to operate.


1.Indexed and created metadata for the syndicated loan yielding immediate search capability

2.Mapped and classified the credit agreement to locate key terms

3.Created instantly exportable structured data sets in a LoanIQ-ready format

Value Created:

Transformed our client’s syndicated loan process yielding substantive improvements across quality, controls and data lineage from the original credit agreement through to the operational system.   The solution also produced structured data sets that contained LIBOR transition/alternate rate terms to support the client’s LIBOR transition planning.