It is common in investment banks that the legal definition of structured products only exists as a Word /PDF document in the form of a term sheet and/or final terms document.  This data must be manually entered by costly senior staff resulting in a variety of issues such as keying errors which could misstate terms and conditions impacting the risk representation for the deal/product and a backlog of deals to be reconciled. Taken together, the current state process impedes the investment bank’s ability to scale and results in unnecessary and sizable operating losses.


1.Indexed and created metadata for the structured product document yielding immediate search capability for the entire credit agreement

2.Mapped and classified the credit agreement to locate key terms

3.Created instantly exportable structured data sets

Value Created:

Transformed our client’s structured products processes into a scalable solution to accommodate revenue growth,  reduce cost and simultaneously improve data quality by providing end-to-end data lineage directly from the original credit agreement through to the operational and risk management systems.